• Polar Research

    Polar Research is the international, peer-reviewed journal of the Norwegian Polar Institute. The scope of Polar Research encompasses research in all scientific disciplines relevant to the polar regions. These include, but are not limited to, the subfields of biology, ecology, geology, oceanography, glaciology and atmospheric science. Submissions from the social sciences and those focusing on polar management and policy issues are welcome. Contributions about Antarctica are particularly encouraged.

  • Food & Nutrition Research

    As one of the first Open Access journals in its field, Food & Nutrition Research (FNR) offers an important forum for researchers to exchange the latest results from research on human nutrition broadly and food-related nutrition in particular. FNR is widely indexed by relevant services and databases, including PubMed Central/PubMed, Scopus, Science Citation Index, with an Impact Factor of 3.647 (2019).

  • Upsala Journal of Medical Sciences

    Indexed in the Science Citation Index and MEDLINE, this open access journal welcomes both clinical and experimental contributions from across the entire medical field. It is read by an international audience, has no publishing charges and makes short decision times a high priority.

  • Science & Art Plastic Surgery Journal

    SAPS Journal is the official scientific communication of SAPS Academy, an independent Network of Plastic Surgeons concerned about sharing and growing experience throughout the World. We are dedicated to delivering high quality papers to spread knowledge in Plastic Surgery through innovation in e-based education and online learning platforms.

  • Journal of the European Radon Association

    JERA is a non-profit, peer-reviewed and open access journal of the ERA that focuses on radon research and practices. The purpose of JERA is to publish original research, review articles and/or technical papers relating to radon, thoron and decay products. Through an Open Access publishing model, the Journal of the European Radon Association provides an important forum where people working with radon in academic, public and private sectors can present the latest results from radon research and practical applications. 

  • M@n@gement

    M@n@gement is the first open access journal in management, strategy and organization theory. Supported by the AIMS (Association Internationale de Management Stratégiqueion), this well-ranked, double blind peer-reviewed journal has been publishing original research articles improving our understanding of organizational phenomena for more than 20 years. We encourage creative and novel research which relies on new and nontraditional theories, methods, and/or database.

  • Journal of Illusion

    Focusing, on perceptual illusions, cognitive illusions (e.g. magic or misunderstanding) or physical illusions (e.g. mirage or the Doppler effect), JOI is now open for submissions! Article categories include: Phenomenal reports, Review reports, Registered reports and Post-publication commentaries. Learn more about the Aims and Scope, Review criteria and article categories here.