Who we are

With over 35 years of academic publishing between us, we know the dos and don'ts of journal management. Our collective experience from both big and small publishing houses has provided a unique insight in the challenges that many established publishers face in trying to make the transition to Open Access.

We spent many years working at a major academic publisher, but it was our years with Co-Action Publishing - a pioneer in Open Access publishing - that sparked our passion for open access and the small business way of operating: working hard and independently in an innovative and solution-oriented environment. No office politics or inefficient workflows. We just want to get to work.


Why not a Publisher?

We believe scholarly publishing should be resituated within the research community, far away from the corporate machine. In the world of publishing, bigger is not always better. The services provided by traditional publishers are often limited by their own one-size-fits-all approach. Individual journals, especially smaller ones, are powerless to influence their own course.  But with the proper support, academic societies can manage publishing themselves - with the status and prestige of their own institutional imprint.

We want to lower the barriers of publishing for society presses by providing an affordable back office with the highest professional standards, ensuring a wide dissemination through modern digital channels.

Open Academia provides the infrastructure, full support and expertise to help journals run smoothly and efficiently. We take care of all the core elements of publishing, from the technical and nitty-gritty aspects of production and publication to supporting authors and editors on a daily basis. Their contact throughout the process will be with one person dedicated to ensure a smooth, rapid and friendly process!  Our focus on the author experience sets us apart from traditional publishers . Open Academia does not lock down clients in long contracts. We want you to stay on your own accord and we believe you will.